The SNOC Team


Superior North Outdoor Center (SNOC) is owned and operated by Mark and Melinda Spinler. The Spinlers opened the doors to SNOC in 1985 to share their love of the outdoors, and especially bicycling, with the residents of and visitors to the beautiful North Shore. In addition to promoting human-powered biking, they also gather, boil and bottle maple syrup; run a large CSA garden; use solar power; and play old-timey music. Please stop by the shop and meet them and their friends; talk bikes, environment, sustainability, and activism… or just come in and take a look around.

Melinda Spinler

Melinda grew up hopping the globe as an Army brat and reveled in learning about backpacking, climbing, and jumping out of planes as a young girl. She majored in Outdoor Education and got a master’s in Experiential Education. All in all a fancy way to say “how to play and learn in the outdoors”. She worked as an instructor for Wilderness Education Association in Wyoming and settled with Mark in northern Minnesota. They still enjoy exploring the back areas of the globe.

Mark Spinler

Mark is a farm boy with a degree in Resource Management and Outdoor Recreation. His unique resourcefulness stems from his farm experiences and a minor in engineering. (You’re bound to see new twists on biking throughout the shop.) Mark’s natural cat-like reflexes serve him well whether scaling the cliffs of the North Shore, mountaineering in some remote part of the globe or biking his favorite routes. A Wilderness Education Association leadership graduate, Mark feels strongly about people exploring the outdoors in a safe and prepared manner. “Have fun but know how to get yourself back.” In the late 80’s Mark and Melinda were the first to take their mountain tandem to southern Chile to explore an area just opening to outsiders. They continue to explore out of the way areas but their first love now is developing their remote homestead in the north woods. Between building their home, putting up a wind generator, producing their own food and developing a commercial “sugarbush”, they stay busier than they need but still enjoy talking “bike” with folks in the shop.

David Suchy

Sailor, adventurer, and avid snow sports enthusiast Dave is no stranger to the Superior North. “Taking an early interest in cycling at the neighbourhood bike shop as a teenager I feel like I never really left the biking community.” Working with several bike shops, both for profit and non-profit along the way lends to Dave’s mechanical aptitude and breadth of experience. “Thanks to all those black palmed wrenchers in my past who showed me the way.”

 Trevor Huggins

Trevor was raised Tofte, a great starting point for adventuring in the endless backyard of the Superior National Forest and BWCAW. He met the Spinler’s after attending college & farming around the states. Helping with their Sugar Bush and farm-sitting their homestead in the winter put him in touch with sustainable agriculture, his focus in college, on the North Shore. He discovered the cycling community through Critical Mass, a large group bike ride the last Friday of every bikable month in the Twin Cities using his bike as a main mode of transportation, exercise, adventure, and anti-depression. He’d always used his mountain bike for fun while growing up and is currently rebiking his old haunts and some new ones when not tending chickens, baking wood-fired pizza, or landscaping & chimney sweeping.


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