Sawtooth Challenge 2011

Hey, before we say anything, maybe check out the photo album here and here. Then take a look at the race results here.

This year’s Sawtooth Challenge happened on a wonderful day. August 27, 2011 was sunny and not too hot.

Glowingly beautiful August North Shore morning!

The race got underway at 10:00 a.m. Tim was the pace rider out of town until the snow mobile trail just north of the new Gunflint Trail road. From then on the riders raced up the hill to the Pincushion parking lot, then on to the stadium area. Once there, they broke out into the three classes Expert, Sport, and Citizen. The Sport Class included two loops of the main outer Pincushion Trail for a total of 15 miles, the Expert three loops for 21 miles.

Colin Pendziwol, of the Black Sheep Mountain Bike Club, Thunder Bay was our Expert Class winner.

Colin after his winning 2:04:21 effort.

Doug Osborn of Decorah, Iowa won the Sport Class with a time of 1:41:15.

Times were comparable to last year’s.

Mark’s righteous Raleigh


Mark’s Raleigh Sports is a classic from the Nottingham, England company Raleigh Bicycle Company founded in 1887. Mark’s Sports is an original English manufacture bike from 1959. Classic example of a sturdy, all-purpose, all-weather bike for local commuting, errand-running.

Berry picking on the North Shore

by Olwe

Last week was pretty much it for blueberry picking at the top of the Gunflint Trail . . . and this year was not as good as last. As you may know, way up on the Gunflint are many acres of wilds recovering from forest fire — prime country for blueberries.

Here’s a peculiar ‘shroom we found at one of our patches:

Notice the “Eye of Sauron” at the top. Somebody said this might be a lobster mushroom. I believe lobster mushrooms are edible. But if in fact Sauron the Deceiver has occupied this poor fungus, it might not be a lobster mushroom after all.

We also have been loading up on domestic raspberries from various garden sources. They’re doing quite well. In addition, the thimbleberries are coming in. They’re my all-time favorite, but they are not a prolific berry producer. A big, bushy plant may only produce a hand-full. I’ve even seen a few cloudberries, but they’re somewhat rare this far south.

Dave Steckelburg’s Salsa Casseroll


2011 Salsa Casseroll made for long adventure rides on smooth or rough roads. This bike will be great for errand running or loaded touring. Its full cromoly(Chromium Molybdenum eh?) frame has just enough give to soak up the bumps but its stiff enough to get your energy to the pavement. Dave plans to use it for all the above.

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