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Spring is here

Our Spring hours have begun, we are open Mon-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-4. Its time to get out those bikes, pump up the tires and see how they ride, after you get your biking legs back you can join us for our annual Bike to Brunch at Naniboujou Lodge. So if you like riding bikes and you eat food then come on down and join us on Sunday May the 26th. You can pre-register at 218-397-2186 or

Singletrack 2012

On Thursday, 4/12/12, the Superior Cycling Association (SCA) board met to hear the latest on singletrack building. Cory Berg, our current USFS liason, says that phase II of the Sugarbush system will start on June 21 and should take 3 weeks. Boardwalk on phase II was constructed by MCC crews last summer. Cory and west-end SCA board member Jeff Lynch were working on a partnership with the Tofte Town Board to finance the building of phase III so construction could contiue through the summer creating five miles of trail by summers end. See these pdfs:
as well as the Pincushion System singletrack in the works:

Road biking with the McCarthy family. . . .

by Olwe

Amanda (foreground) and sister Kate McCarthy (behind Amanda), friends Nick (back left) and Brendan (back right) just finished a road tour up and east of Grand Marais on 61. They’re riding Trek road bikes. The McCarthy family, of St. Paul, is staying in their cabin on Devil’s Track. This reporter informed them of the many opportunities for mountain and cross biking, too.

Sawtooth Challenge 2011

Hey, before we say anything, maybe check out the photo album here and here. Then take a look at the race results here.

This year’s Sawtooth Challenge happened on a wonderful day. August 27, 2011 was sunny and not too hot.

Glowingly beautiful August North Shore morning!

The race got underway at 10:00 a.m. Tim was the pace rider out of town until the snow mobile trail just north of the new Gunflint Trail road. From then on the riders raced up the hill to the Pincushion parking lot, then on to the stadium area. Once there, they broke out into the three classes Expert, Sport, and Citizen. The Sport Class included two loops of the main outer Pincushion Trail for a total of 15 miles, the Expert three loops for 21 miles.

Colin Pendziwol, of the Black Sheep Mountain Bike Club, Thunder Bay was our Expert Class winner.

Colin after his winning 2:04:21 effort.

Doug Osborn of Decorah, Iowa won the Sport Class with a time of 1:41:15.

Times were comparable to last year’s.

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