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Hello Amy – A Letter About Riding Outside

January 2015

Hello Amy,

Glad to help with any information about riding in our area. My wife and I were gone for a week over the Christmas holiday so I am now getting caught up on e-mails.

You may also be interested in a ride that I did last summer with three friends that took me several years of exploratory rides to put together. It involved a big loop of logging roads, outlaw all terrain vehicle trail, bush whacking, and two fords across a large river. One of the unknowns on this loop required we carried inflatable pool toys to float our bikes if we encountered deep water. The first attempt at completing the loop early this summer resulted in an unfortunate broken collar bone for my buddy Mike. We got a chance to try the loop again late summer and were successful after a six hour day.

I am assuming that you found us through our web site (, Read more

Spring is here

Our Spring hours have begun, we are open Mon-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-4. Its time to get out those bikes, pump up the tires and see how they ride, after you get your biking legs back you can join us for our annual Bike to Brunch at Naniboujou Lodge. So if you like riding bikes and you eat food then come on down and join us on Sunday May the 26th. You can pre-register at 218-397-2186 or

After work Mountain Bike ride 7/26/11


Seven of the ten riders on our weekly after work ride. We are on the top of Pincushion Mountain which is accessed by a very technical ride or hike from the Pincushion Mountain loop of the Pincushion Mountain Ski trail system.  The view behind us is the shore of the Big Lake looking east to the horizon.

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